Create and brand your own professional app for collaboration, projects and events
More than 100 companies from all over the world are already with us
Solutions and tools for project management, internal meetings , virtual customer demos, company events, consultant projects, product launches, training & educating staff and partners...
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Compot – a virtual platform and mobile app connecting people for all your projects
All tools and services you need in one mobile app
Tailor-made and brand your project and event app
Easy-to-use admin panel with 24/7 technical support
Pay only for what you use and optional payment methods
Security, availability and reliability
Easy-to-use solutions for every company and organisation – a community wherever your participants are
IT / Telecom / Financial
• Has everyone answered the questions/left comments?
• No room for miscommunication – all project members gets the same information.
• Easy collaboration and communication between geographically dispersed and
cross-functional project teams.
• Calendar function – time and planning
• Product launches and corporate trainings.
• All participants get the latest versions of documents.
• Company and clients events.
• Online video conferences / webinars.
• Instant feedback from resellers.
• Internal events and competitions; i.e. come up with the best idea or vote for our best advertising movie/campaign, etc.

Public sector
• Plan tenders and procurements
• Internal meetings and instant information
• Increased efficiency in project communication
• Document archive (“shared hard disk”)

Marketing / PR /Advertising
• Share campaign material with clients
• Presentations
• Polls and focus groups
Education / Schools
• Share documents with partners and clients
• Planning and time sheet-sharing
• Reduced project management costs
• Communication with the course leader
• Access to educational material and assignments
• Daily activity reports via push notifications
Services and tools inside your mobile application
Task Manager
Document archive/sharing
Push notifications
Participant lists
Chat/Online conference
Using unique tokens on clients
Customizable publicity of user data
Data storage in accordance with GDPR
Distributed data access layer
Protected circuit with databases
Data encryption
Your data is securely protected
Tailor-made your mobile app for your projects
Name your project/event. Design the interface according to your corporate/organisation identity
White label solution: Your logo and app name
The structure and content in the app adapts to your needs and wishes
The most important thing for communication
personal or group chats with appointment scheduling and synchronization functions with calendar
Ask a question
personal or group chats with appointment scheduling and synchronization functions with calendar
calendar with the ability to register for an event, synchronization of appointments with the calendar
Participant lists
opportunity for networking and finding the right contacns
Opinion leaders
blogs of leaders, speakers and experts with the ability to comments
Push notifications
notifying users or groups about news and changes
Marks like
for photos, vidios, posts, events, speakers, etc.
feed and blocks with up-to-date information from the restaurant menu to the geolocation of events
Analytics to increase efficiency
A simple and convenient administrative panel for assembling and managing application content from a computer or smartphone.
Data analytics through a user behavior tracking system, ratings, likes, time spent in sections, downloading and commenting on materials.
The ability to integrate a payment module, a subscription system or a paid application
Links to external resources with the ability to seamlessly integrate with external sites
The ability to exchange data with other programs and CRM systems via API
Save contacts, documents and links to events in the cloud storage
All data in one place and available in 2 clicks
€ 495 / one time fee
1-5 participants
Branded mobile app for projects and events
Your own mobile app
Let`s talk
Unlimited participants
Everythink large enterprises need for its collaboration
€ 990 / month
€ 9 990 / year
101-200 participants
Perfect for business projects
€ 249 / month
€ 2 490 / year
26-100 participants
Ideal for medium-size companies
€ 90 / month
€ 900 / year
6-25 participants
Everythink needed for smaller project teams and events
€ 0 / month
1-5 participants
For personal projects and events
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About Us
We believe in mobile application services, where project and event owners havethe freedom of choice by using a mobile device (and a browser) and click onservices they require for a particular job and/or role.
To become European marketleader in providing reliable and easy-to-use mobileapplication services, which facilitate professional knowledge workers incollaboration and communication for project and event management.
Compot is a digital platforrm for managing your collaboration, your own mobile appication.
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